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Lifestyle Newborn Session

I am so happy you are here and thank you for your interest in booking a lifestyle newborn session with me!

Many photographers offer different approaches to the newborn session and I would love for you to see how I go about capturing the tiny details of your new little one. 


 I suggest booking your newborn session around 3 months before your baby is due, and I will put your due date down tentatively. I only have a limited amount of newborn sessions each month, so try to schedule as soon as possible.  Once your baby arrives, contact me and we will get the final session day down. I shoot the session within the first 14 days of baby's life. This insures your little one is still in the sleepy newborn stage that makes for the best photos.  


I absolutely love to capture newborns in their natural setting, at home, and I like to keep everything as simple and authentic as possible. I feel as though less is more. I use very minimal poses or props and like to keep things very organic. I will however, love to use any special blankets or wraps that you want me to.  I strive for your images to be classic and timeless.  Please view my portfolio to see if my style of newborn photography is the right fit for you. The session is a lifestyle approach of photography which allows you to be imperfect, to be real, and helps me capture those sweet emotions and interactions between you and your little one .  My newborn sessions focus on the baby and the connection with the parents (and siblings, if any). I love for you to snuggle with your baby, have siblings love on and talk to their new baby and show those raw emotions of love. I want to capture the tiny details that one day you will look back on and be so happy you have. 
The session will consist of a mix of natural lifestyle images and portrait shots using only natural light in your home. 

It’s not uncommon for the session with a newborn to last about 1.5 to 2 hours, allowing plenty of time for feedings and snuggles.  The session is shot in the clients home using the natural light from large windows, that are typically found in either the living room, master bedroom, or nursery.  
 I LOVE getting sweet moments with mom, dad and siblings. 


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